Data at the heart of the company
A guided approach to project data management helps you to communicate between all company departments, reduce time and improve company procedures.
Integr@ Encoder
Can coding make a project more consistent?
A powerful rule-based engine and categorizing system enables the company to quickly manage the classification and storage of any kind of documents and improve the standards of your work.
Integr@ Bridge
What’s the use of integrating different systems?
It’s not only a matter of data exchange, it gives you the ability of dynamically verify data integrity and enhance your company’s contents.
Integr@ ECO
What’s an Engineering Change Order?
An engineering change order (ECO) is a documentation package that outlines proposed change, lists product and parts that could be affected and requires review and approval by operators who are involved or charged in the change implementation. ECOs are used to make changes to components, assemblies and other information.
Integr@ Publisher
Can you convert or print massively?
The Integr@ Publisher module is dedicated to print and convert documents and data stored in SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional vaults.
Integr@ BOMXpress
How many BOM types exist in a company?
The Bill of Materials is a simple list of all the components needed to make a product, but it can be rearranged in many ways to reflect the requirements of different departments (the engineering BOM (EBOM) contains information as specified by designers; the manufacturing BOM (MBOM) is structured according to the construction timeline and to the assembly sequence, and is enriched with useful product information.
Integr@ Configuration Tool
Need to split configurations into individual files?
The configuration tool is a software module that, complying to given criteria, enables you to define a product’s combination of components, features or functions.
Integr@ Admin
A unique solution for the full suite
Integr@ Admin module is the central administrator to manage all modules’ parameters.

Integration between SOLIDWORKS and the ERP

Realize the logical-functional connection between Technical, Management and Production Office.

Integr@ is part of SolidWorld standard product portfolio. SolidWorld is SOLIDWORKS SOLUTION PARTNER certified.

Master Data

3D Design

Projects, Design, Configurations, Part number, New BOM


Draws, Numerical Control, Project Management, Modifications

Erp Management

BOM, Supplying, Resources, Warehouse