What's new 2020

Discover the important 2020 news of the Integr@ Suite!


Automatic Client Update
  • You need to install server and clients only the very first time.
  • Every following Integr@ update you release on the server will be automatically distributed to the clients.


Web Service for data exchange
  • A new Web Service to exchange data with ERP systems.
  • This new mode of operation guarantees an higher level of security (SQL data are accessible only through Web Service and not directly) and a more standard and robust way of exchanging data.
  • Creating an Integr@ connector on the ERP side will be now simpler and easyer.
Import filters
  • It is now possible to define import filters to control which file extensions to consider and which configurations to create/update during the import process.
Contextual import menu
  • You can trigger an import process on a single file by selecting the file, right clicking the mouse, and selecting ‘Import Item Data’ or ‘Import BOM’.
  • In both cases only the selected file data will be imported.

Configuration Tool

Configuration management with a dedicated tab in PDM
  • In PDM a tab has been added allowing you to manage versions, revisions and properties of a single Solidworks file configuration.
Advanced search for configurations
  • You can search for a property value in specific configurations (i.e.: find all files in wich configuration ‘Default’ contains ‘XYZ’ in Code property).


Performance boost
  • Now loading a SOLIDWORS assembly is on average 50% faster than previous versions.
DWG/DXF management with DraftSight
  • With DraftSight Professional or higher Integr@ Publisher allows you to print and convert dwg / dxf files with more accuracy.
Redesigned user interface
  • Settings windows layout has been redesigned to be more readable and allow greater flexibility in print or conversion settings with dynamic custom filters.
Ability to manage non-standard formats
  • You can now print drawings with non-standard paper sizes (A4-A0); you only need to define a “format name”, its dimensions and the related printer code to use.
Operation progress window
  • You can now enable a progress window that helps you to control each task advancement.
integr@ publisher


  • Allows you to modify the BOM structure (both CAD and PDM).
Update References
  • It allows to verify the correctness of the CAD references of SOLIDWORKS files, and to update in case of error.


Global "EncodeDrawing" function
  • Allows to encode multiple drawings related to the selected component.
Primary "Code" function
  • It is now possible to use the file name of the source document as part of the new code.
  • It is possible to use both in rename and copy operation.
Primary function "CodeComponent"
  • You can now use the file name of an element contained in a view during the coding of a drawing with multiple views, possibly referring to different 3D components.
Secondary function "DirectoryCodeComponent"
  • Together with the “CodeComponent” function it allows you to save the coded drawing in the same folder where the connected component is saved.
Encoding a selected configuration in SOLIDWORKS
  • You can now re-encode a configuration from the SOLIDWORKS Configuration Manager.
  • Search by category and replacement of similar parts in Assembly context. You can choose the configuration and extend the replacement to all repeated elements.

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