What’s Integr@?

Data at the heart of the company

Integr@ is a suite designed to manage integrated CAD / PDM / ERP information system:

  • manages project data consistent flow (codes, registries, lists, etc.) between company departments, guaranteeing adherence of company standards coding;
  • administers underlies product life cycle information;
  • guarantees project data sharing between company departments. Simplify communication between the Technical and Production Office, speeding up change management;
  • realizes the logical interface between Technical Office and Management Office.

Integr@ is part of SolidWorld standard product portfolio. SolidWorld is SOLIDWORKS SOLUTION PARTNER certified.

How it’s made

The suite consists of 7 modules that can be purchased all together or separately, based on your needs and types of work.

Modules are:


Integr@ Encoder

La codifica può rendere più coerente il progetto?

Un potente motore di regole e di categorizzazione consente di gestire rapidamente le esigenze di classificazione e archiviazione di documenti aziendali per migliorare lo standard del vostro lavoro.

System Requirements​

SOLIDWORKS e/o SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional or equivalent. See more, visit Help Desk.

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