Integr@ Admin

A single solution for full suite

The Integr@ Admin module is the centralized administrator to manage all module parameters.

What can you do using Admin?

  • Add, modify and control all the Integr@ modules functionality;
  • Manage individual module licenses allowing simple assignment to client workstations according to business needs.


The management of each Integr@ module is with a dedicated graphical environment similar to SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional environment. A very simple interface facilitates non-expert users who have a very low familiarity with mechanical design.

Main features:

  • EPDM graphic style;
  • EPDM addin loading management;
  • Integr@ module databases distributed management;
  • licenses centralized management for various client assignment;
  • multi-coding database management;
  • multi database management for data exchange by other systems;
  • user permission management linked to individual modules functionality;
  • statistical reports;
  • version online check;
  • installation set-up for the entire Suite compatible with Windows systems.

What's new 2020

Automatic Client Update
  • You need to install server and clients only the very first time.
  • Every following Integr@ update you release on the server will be automatically distributed to the clients.

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