What's new 2019

Enjoy the most important enhancements in Integr@ 2019!


• Exclude folder or projects from structure coding

You can define a PDM folder or projects list to be excluded from encoding.

• Version coding overwriting management

You can overwrite the current file version during encoding, avoiding to generate a new version.

• Tool Split Directory

Function that allows you to set maximum file number for each folder and, when reached, if by Encoder is added a new file, it divides folder into subfolders that respect the limit.

• New "Custom" mode to create folders name during encoding

You can customize the folder name during encoding.

• New "Custom" mode for encoded file properties enhancing

You can customize encoded file properties value.



• BOM (Bill of Materials) import from Excel

You can import a BOM in PDM by loading it from an Excel file.

• Automatic export from multiple workflow states

You can export, automatically and manually, from multiple states or transactions.

• Ability to export data of the “father” component

The separate export now allows to find properties also from the “father” component.

• BOM import with 3D model creation or updating

You can import the BOM from ERP systems by recreating the 3D assembly.


• Notification possibility added while ECO operations

You can customize ECO notifications sending during creation or closure to the file creator and / or to the enabled groups.


• Sheets management while printing

Single draw of a multi-sheet drawing can be individually printed.

• Improved performance during loading

BOM’s decrease loading time.


  • You can set a custom Template for the Excel export procedure.
  • Has been optimized the procedure for references updating.
  • The “Quantity” field can be changed directly from the table.


• Local setting centralized management

Local client information will be saved in a centralized database.

• License request procedure optimized

You can request license for more than one module at the same time.

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