Integr@ Configuration Tool

Need to split configurations into individual files?

The configuration tool is a software module that, complying to given criteria, enables you to define a product’s combination of components, features or functions.

What can you do with Configuration Tool?

Configuration information transfer to PDM system managing in timely manner many variants and their versions / revisions coding, obtaining:

  • creating file for each configuration starting with components explosion keeping link to relational technical table;
  • assemblies / components coding creating by Encoder’s functionality integration and therefore controlled files storage in correct PDM folders and their entry in workflow assigned.
  • powerful function and rules filtering allow components smart section to be exploded and of the drawings to be reconnected / generated.

What's new 2020

Configuration management with a dedicated tab in PDM

In PDM a tab has been added allowing you to manage versions, revisions and properties of a single Solidworks file configuration,

Advanced search for configurations

You can search for a property value in specific configurations (i.e.: find all files in wich configuration ‘Default’ contains ‘XYZ’ in Code property)

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