Integr@ Bridge

What’s the use of integrating different systems?

It’s not only a matter of data exchange, it gives you the ability of dynamically verify data integrity and enhance your company’s contents.

What can you do using Bridge?

  • Exchange data between SOLIDWORKS  PDM Professional and the ERP through a consolidated protocol for sharing customer master data and / or BOM.
  • Unify the corporate information flow by integrating CAD / PDM / ERP / CRM systems.
  • Consistently manage project data exchange (codes, accounts, bills, etc.) between various company departments.

Master data:

  • master data and data sheet sharing, checking and updating for each component generated in SOLIDWORKS in the IT system of the company (description, revision, weight, volume, surface, etc.);
  • items master data and data sheets fields’ customization;
  • items master data writing and modifying rules creations.


  • BOM release generated by SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional in the EPR system;
  • BOM criteria release management;
  • On / Off line mode;
  • BOM release control per project phase;
  • BOM validity data or revision data;
  • item codes customizable selective filter.

63% Customers are now sending management data by Integr@ Bridge.

Event log:

  • transitions traceability to or from the ERP;
  • automatic notification by e-mail for new item code creation.

Data query on ERP:

  • search and / or data retrieval queries on other DBs;
  • dynamic filter on display mask;
  • recursive query for part numbers management;

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News 2020

• A new Web Service to exchange data with ERP systems
  • This new mode of operation guarantees an higher level of security (SQL data are accessible only through Web Service and not directly) and a more standard and robust way of exchanging data.
  • Creating an Integr@ connector on the ERP side will be now simpler and easyer.
Import filters

It is now possible to define import filters to control which file extensions to consider and which configurations to create/update during the import process.

Contextual import menu
  • You can trigger an import process on a single file by selecting the file, right clicking the mouse, and selecting ‘Import Item Data’ or ‘Import BOM’.
  • In both cases only the selected file data will be imported.