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How many BOM types exist in a company?

The Bill of Materials is a simple list of all the components needed to make a product, but it can be rearranged in many ways to reflect  the requirements of different departments (the engineering BOM (EBOM) contains information as specified by designers; the manufacturing BOM (MBOM) is structured according to the construction timeline and  to the assembly sequence, and is enriched with useful product information.

What can you do with BOMXpress?

Integr @ BOMXpress is an application that allows you to edit the BOM of a SOLIDWORKS file, both CAD and PDM, in order to create customized versions and then export and save them in Excel format. It’s possible:

  • modify the Bom CAD and PDM of the file with BomEditing;
  • verify CAD references properties of SOLIDWORKS files and update them in case of error with Update References;

News 2020


Allows you to modify the BOM structure (both CAD and PDM).

Update References

It allows to verify the correctness of the CAD references of SOLIDWORKS files, and to update in case of error.

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